Pre Stressed - Pre Cast Panels

Pre Stressed - Pre Cast Poles

Taditional boundary wall: 1.80 meter height 150 mm thick both side plastered brick masonry wall supported bt Rcc beam of 200 mm by 200 mm and tired by RCC columns and a RCC lintel beam of 200 mm by 100 mm size. Pre stress Pre cast Boundary wall:1.80 meter height 50 mm thick boundary wall made by 50mm thick Pre stress Pre cast concrete panels supported by pre stress Pre cast concrete columns 150mm by 150 mm size.

1 Construction Time 100 meter wall reuires at least 7 day to construct and another 7 day for water curing 100meter wall can be construct in only 2 days. PSPC BW save precious construction time
2 Strength The weakest part of this wall is its 150mm thick brick masonry which can be easily broken by ordinary hand tools for theft. PSPC panels consist of high tensile wire at every 75mm distance and can cut only by machanical means PSPC BW provides more better security for industrial campus
3 Durability Less as its depends on the quality of plaster and that depends upon several factors like plaster,its thickness,quality of sand , quality of curing,workmanship etc. Very high as PSPC panels are made of voil less dense high grade concrete and has smooth concrete surface. PSPC BW has almost NIL maintenance cost
4 Weight Approximate 600kg/RMT  Approximate 205 kg/RMT PSPC BW require small foundations.
5 Repair Ability In case of over turning failure a large section of BW may damage and reuire almost new constuction as repair and require several weeks time to repair In case of failure only few columns may get damaged and require to be replaced.Almost all the panels can be reused in repair in negligible time. PSPC BW has almost NIL repair cost and fast workability.
6 Paint Painting is must as plastered surface is susceptible to weather decay Painting is optional and can only for decorative purpose PSPC BW save painting cost
7 Re-Use Cannot be reused as entire construction is of permanent type. Almost 100% panels and 60% columns can be reused. PSPC BW save lots of money.
8 Weathering Effect As palster surface absorbs moisture, resulting cracks and peels off. It requires periodically re plaster the boundary wall. There is almost nil moisture absorption of dense concrete and requires no maintenance. PSPC BW has almost NIL maintenance cost
9 Cleaning Moisture absorbed in plastered surface attracts sudt, fungus, aligid,plants etc. requires periodically cleaning are re-painting. No special cleaning required only washing can make your BW new again PSPC BW save cleaning cost.
10 Costing Always higher the PSPC Approximately 30% less then traditional Boundry Wall Cost saving.